We use a variety of quality fillers to restore the youthfulness of a fuller face, bring back those high cheekbones, re-define the jawline, bring volume and softness to lips, even symmetry or to provide you with the perfect the cupids bow. 

We spend time during your consultation to discuss what you want and how we can achieve your required goals.

How do you know what shape of lips I want ?

We assess your lips and spend time to ascertain what you want your outcome to be during your half hour consulting and numbing time.

Are lip fillers painfull ?

Here at Cosmetic Enhancement we make lip fillers as pain free as possible. We apply a strong numbing cream half hour before injectables, and we use ice while injecting the dermal lip fillers, this is to ensure patient comfort.

What will I expect during the procedure ?

Lip enhancement is a series of tiny dermal injections, the dermal filler is delivered as a gel through a thin needle distributed, to give you shape and seminary, you will be numbed for 30 mins before this procedure and we provide ice for patient comfort.

Will I have swelling after the procedures ?

After lip enhancement, many clients experience mild swelling, redness, sometimes possible bruising. These side effects usually go away after a few days, they can be camouflaged with makeup. More serious side effects are rare. Your body will start to accept the filler over two weeks and by 4 weeks your lips will settle down and will be part of you, this is due to molecules in the dermal filler absorbing your body fluids through the first  few days of the swelling stage.

With cheeks and Jawline under eye dermal filler, you will have minimal swelling and the process is almost pain free, minimal discomfort, most our clients feel very relaxed during the process.

Are dermal fillers in the cheeks and jawline painful ?                                                          

The answer is No, we try to make this as pain free as possible and use very safe procedure


Which filler is right for me ?

This depends on where you need volume, we have a range of types for certain areas of your face, this will be discussed during your consultation.


What are your dermal fillers made of ?

We use excellent quality Hylaronic Dermal fillers for Lips, Cheeks and tear trough through to the upper cheek (under the eye area) and the jawline. Hylaronic dermal fillers provide hydration to your skin as well as giving volume to your face, where there has been bone and collagen loss over the years, or to produce more definition to those areas.

Biostimulator fillers are more expensive, but they last longer and support collagen production so they are a great investment for areas where you're concerned about ageing or face shape, such as the jawline. These dermal fillers last for a few years, even after then, the product continues to produce collagen in the skin, but we always need to take into account the ageing factor.
This will be decided upon at your consultation with Nurse Debbie.


Can I have dermal fillers if I’m pregnant or breast feeding?

No, because we have no evidence on how it will effect the unborn child while you are pregnant or the new baby that Is being breast fed.


Our Signature Pan Facial  

The Pan facial is where the biostimulators are injected into your face (after numbing) in areas to give more volume and to stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin. 



  • Hyaluronic Dermal Fillers 
    • Lips from $390.00 1mL
    • Tear trough & upper cheek from $390 per 1mL
    • Cheeks from $780.00 2mL
    • Jaw Line $820 2mL
  • Biostimulator Filler (longer lasting & supports collagen production)
  • Jawline 1.5ml $999.00
  • Pan Facial $1100