TESLAFormer Opening Special

50% off 10 x TESLAFormer Muscle Defining treatments

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An offer for your skin.

Dermaceutic Peel + K Ceutic 30ml Cream Deal

Treat yourself to a Dermaceutic Milk Peel facial and a 30ml K Ceutic Post Treatment Cream. The chemical milk peel is designed to help improve skin condition, including; fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation by lightening and rejuvenating the skin. The K Ceutic Cream which is applied after the peel is an advanced formula that delivers essential nutrients and hydration to stressed skin.

This nutrient rich cream combats inflammation, repairs, protect and soothes; the perfect after peel cream to renewed skin.

ONLY $199

SAVE $40

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We are running the 3 areas of Anti-wrinkle deal for $620, save $40.

If you have the 3 areas - forehead / frown/ crows feet - max 60 units,

The standard dose for each area is usually 20 units per area

The three areas are  frown lines, crowsfeet and forehead areas