How to care for your lips after Dermal lip fillers

Lip fillers are an excellent way to give your lips a more plump, full appearance. Like all treatments, the right aftercare plan is important for making sure you have a great experience and recover quickly.

I would like to share with you a complete guide to lip filler aftercare, and provide you with a few tips on what you should do (and what not to do) after lip injections.

Your lips may look swollen and much larger than you expected, this is the most common side effect. Don’t panic. Swelling after lip fillers is totally normal. Usually, this will go away within just three to four days. In many cases they may still be a bit swollen up to two weeks after treatment.

If your lips are very swollen, you can use an ice pack to help reduce swelling and discomfort, if present, make sure you apply lip balm or a moisture barrier before the ice packs and only apply ice for 10 mins at a time, to avoid damaging the lip tissue with too much cold.

Bruising is another side effect of the lip filler treatment. It’s normal, and any discomfort should subside within a few days. I like to use hirudoid cream in this instant as it helps reduce the bruising in half the time. You can still ice the lips to reduce the discomfort. It may take up to 2 weeks for the bruise to completely disappear.

However, if there is bruising or pain outside of your lip area is not normal. If you experience serious bruising or pain outside your lips, call the Clinic immediately.

Another common side effect after the Lip filler can be Bumps and lumps, this is another common side effect of  the treatment, your lips should soften and will even out over the first few weeks during this time the filler spreads through your lip tissue absorbing your own body fluids in the tiny molecules in the hyaluronic acid product and the lumps will disperse. Also drinking plenty of water will speed up the recovery process and to prevent your lips from drying out. After a month your lips should be totally settled and smooth, they are now totally part of you. 

If you continue to have lumps after 2 weeks, though, you may want to contact your clinic for a follow-up to correct the issue.

It is recommended that you get your lip fillers at least 2 weeks before any big events. This ensures that your lips will look their best and be free of any swelling, bruising or lumps. 

Good things take time, and this is true of lip fillers, so be patient !!