At Cosmetic Enhancement, we specialise in tailoring treatment programs for each individual to enhance your natural beauty. Whether you're concerned with uneven lips, a drop in a particular facial feature, pesky wrinkly lines that have appeared, excessive sweating or lost of muscle impacting body image or incontinence. Our range of services now covers the traditional injectable procedures with filler and botox all the way through to our new TESLAFormer paddles and TESLAFormer chair to build muscles - enhancing your confidence and beauty from the inside and out. For more information on these, go to our services page
Below is our price list, please take this as a guide. Your nurse will assess your concerns in a one on one consultation to recommend a realistic program to support your needs.


Skin Enhancements

Dermalogica Pro Powerpeel

30 minute  session

60 minute sessions including LED therapy and eye Pro Powerpeel




Pro Powerpeel + Skin Needling + Pro Restore + LED light Therapy


Carbon Laser Facial




Age Defying Micro-current Facial


Signature Microdermabrasion, Sonopheresis and LED Light Therapy


 RF Skin Tightening


Cosmetic Injectables


Dermal & Hyaluronic Dermal Fillers

Lips for 1m

Lips for half ml

Cheeks from 2mL

Jaw Line 2mL

Temple Filler 1mL









Biostimulator Collagen Filler

        Jawline 1.5mL

        Pan Facial 1.5mL

        Hand Rejuvenation 





    Type A Muscle Relaxant : Botox ($12 per unit) PRICE
    Forehead (typically 10 to 20 units) from $120 - $240
    Crows feet usual standard dose 20 units, 10 either side

    from $240

    Frown lines (standard dose 20 units)  from $240


    Fat reduction injectable PRICE
    1 Area + 1 Session $550
    Larger Area or more areas POA


    THREADS - The Non-surgical Facelift 
    Lower Face $550


    IPL Hair Removal 

    Prepay 6 sessions and save up to 30%.

    AREA/Price Per Session PRICE


    Half arm (lower or upper)  $119

    Full arms


    Half Legs (upper or lower) 


    Full legs 

    Brazilian - female only $29

    Tattoo & Pigmentation Removal

    POA From $50 per area

    Spot Pigmentation removal from $50


    Hyperhydrosis Treatment 

    Underarm treatment for excessive sweating  $899


    TESLAFormer 10 session pack  $2,500
    NEW SERVICE SPECIAL - 10 session pack 50%off $1,250



    TESLAChair 10 session pack  $2,500
    NEW SERVICE SPECIAL - 10 session pack 50%off $1,250
    TESLAChair Individual Treatment $250
    NEW SERVICE SPECIAL - 20% off individual treatment $200