TeslaFormer 4

Hi everyone, for those who know me and have had treatments at my clinic, will understand that I won't bring anything into the Cosmetic Enhancement Clinic if it doesn't work. Time and money is important so I don't like wasting either of these and I don't want my clients to either. So here is some information about this Gold Standard latest Medical Grade technology.....

After an intense search for the perfect product for fat reduction and to increase muscle, I have found a new addition to our Cosmetic Enhancement family which is the TeslaFormer 4, which is Functional Magnetic stimulation technology, which stimulates up to 72,000 pulses which is equivalent to 72,000 crunches. It targets the muscle intensity up to 10cm which is a lot deeper than exercise alone and it will reach hard to activate muscles, which will tone your inner core and strengthen the muscles, by burning fat and reshaping, sculpting the body. 

The sessions last usually 30 minutes long and a minimum of 6 sessions is required, ideally 1 day apart, with 1 to 2 maintenance sessions every month.The treatment releases endorphins which makes you feel great after each session, but you may feel slight muscle soreness the following day.

Results will be visible within 2-4 weeks and continue to improve for 2 to 6 weeks after then, if you have an active lifestyle and a healthy diet, you will see results sooner. There is no downtime or pain with the TeslaFormer treatments and the Tesla Chair.

As discussed the Functional Magnetic Stimulation is an effective way to build muscle, contour the body and increases strength and indurance to the targeted muscles, this provides our muscles with increasing need for energy, and this is where the fat stored in the body is used to create this energy. So in short..... it burns fat and builds muscle, simultaneously leading to fat reduction. 

The benefits of the TeslaForma are that it burns fat and builds muscle, simultaneously leading to fat reduction and it will burn fat quicker than a 30 minute workout. Grows muscle mass, lifts the butt and increases muscle mass in your abs and arms while improving posture by strengthening your core muscles. 

How doe's it work?  So for a bit of science.... in simple form, is that the rapidly charges in the magnet field created from the Functional Magnetic Stimulation induces an electrical current in the neuron's of the targeted muscle, causing electromagnetic induction...then, once this current reaches a certain intensity the so called neuron action potential is reached, this causes the cell to depolorize, which leads to muscle contraction. The TeslaForma stimulates up to 72,000 pulses which is equivalent to 72,000 crunches which will tone your inner core and strengthen the muscles.

What happens during the Tesla FMS session? Electromagnetic plates are attached to your chosen muscles that you wish to tone and this all happens when you are lying on the bed or sitting in the Tesla chair, as this depends on which targeted muscles you would like to strengthen. These are attached by elastic bands and velcro. The muscle contraction will happen without putting pressure, strain and exaustion on other parts of your body.

You can be treated fully clothed as the current will travel through the clothing for 10 cm, causing super maximal contraction to stimulate muscles above the level possible through exercise alone.

The history of this piece of FMS technology which has been around since 1990s when it was used for sports rehabilitation to strengthen and repair the muscles and tissues, now we have the latest technology which penetrates deeper to excite those motoric nerves by the pulsed magnetic field generated by the device, causing muscles to contract without the need for skin contact. It penetrates through clothing so its best to wear something comfortable for the session.

Just to recap on the above in note form ;-

Positive outcomes are - grows muscle mass, Burns fat, increases muscle definition and tones, improves posture by strengthening the core muscles, decreases back pain and increases muscle strength.

What areas can be treated ? Multiple muscle areas can be treated, including firming your butt.... glutes, abdomen, hamstring, triceps and most major muscles (in fact, any site you want to build). 

How many treatments will I need?  Create an Abs, a six-pack or butt lift ideally 10 sessions, minimum is 6 sessions, but this depends on what results you would like to achieve and what stage you are in at the beginning of the treatment.

Intervals between treatments would be every other day or at least twice a week, one day of rest in between treatments in the same area.

How long doe's each session take? The magnetic stimulation creates thousands of muscle contractions in a 30-minutes session.

Whats Cosmetic Enhancements point of difference to other Clinics? Our TeslaForma 4 is the newest device on the market and we have 4 paddles (electromagnetic plates) instead of 3 .... we can treat more areas per session for use during the treatment, which provides our customers increased value for money.

Whats the difference between Electrical Magnetic Stimulation and Functional Magnetic Stimulation? Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) is more comfortable and doesn't require direct contact to the skin unlike Electrical magnetic Stimulation. The magnetic waves allow FMS to reach the deepest layers of the muscles which EMS is unable to do, which creates an overall effect. So this is why I chose the Functional Magnetic Stimulation over any other.

If you are pregnant, have metal implants or have a cardiac pacemaker, medication pump, open wounds near the treatment site or diagnosed with cancer may not use the TeslaFormer.

Those with an IDU or endometriosis may have the treatments under certain conditions.