How Radiofrequency works

Our Radio Frequency Skin tightening procedures work by heating your skin, the treatment cause some of your old collagen and elastin fibres to be broken down stimulating your body to produce new stronger collagen. This helps to firm and tighten your skin giving you a younger, fresher looking appearance.

Each treatment can be 2 to 4 weeks apart.

The Benefits

Following a course of Radio Frequency Skin Tightening treatments, you’ll notice tighter, firmer skin and a fresher appearance. The new collagen fibres provide a firming effect and improvement in blood flow resulting in an overall skin rejuvenation.

Radio Frequency is suitable for use on a wide range of areas, including a Skin Tightening Facial for your face, neck, décolletage and around your eyes. 

The Skin Tightening Treatment can also be used on areas of your body including your stomach, thighs and hands.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening facial and body treatments are painless effective and safe. RF is a popular choice for people looking for a pain free experience with great results.

Which areas can be treated?

On the face it can treat:

  • Sagging face skin and neck skin,
  • loose jowls,
  • lack of definition in the jawline
  • Wrinkles and fine lines

On the Body:

  • Sagging or Bulging skin
  • Loose Skin
  • The appearance of cellulite

How Many treatments do I need?                                                                                                A course of 10 treatments is recommended for optimal results. RF Skin Tightening treatments can be scheduled as often as twice a week

Down time?                                                                                                                                Radio Frequency requires no downtime and has minimal to no side effects. Some clients may experience some redness or flushing of the skin in the first 24 hours, this quickly dissipates or can be easily covered by makeup if required.

Is RF Skin Tightening painfull?                                                                           No, not at all. This treatment heats the skin, clients find it warming and relaxing. RF Skin Tightening treatments are non-evasive and pain-free.

How long does it last                                                                                             The visible results of any skin treatment varies from person to person. R F Skin Tightening works by stimulating the body’s own collagen and elastin, so the results are ongoing.

What should I expect after my first treatment?                                                  The side effects of RF Skin Tightening treatments are minimal. You can expect some redness and warmth in the treatment area which settles quickly afterwards. There is no downtime needed after RF Skin Tightening treatments.

Is RF Skin Tightening safe?
Yes, it is a clinical treatment that is proven to be safe and effective. At Cometic Enhancement our therapists are highly trained and certified in the use of our Radio Frequency machines.

 Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding Mums