TESLAFormer Toowoomba | Muscle Defining & Fat Burning | Strengthening & BodySculpting

TESLAFormer Muscle Defining Toowoomba

TESLAFormer Opening Special

50% off 10 x TESLAFormer Muscle Defining treatments

Now $1250 (usually $2500)

Individual Sessions now $200 (usually $250)

Defining Muscles & Burning Fat. Strengthening & Body Sculpting by (FMS) Functional Magnetic Stimulation - stimulates up to 72000 pulses equivalent to 72,000 crunches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TESLAFormer

A device which causes muscle contraction by using functional magnetic stimulation, which Induces supramaximal muscle contractions without causing fatigue. It is used to define, tone and build muscle. This technology targets the muscle deeper than exercise alone to reach hard to activate muscles, sculpting the targeted areas.

How does the TESLAFormer work ?

It uses Functional Magnetic Stimulation which will stimulate up to 72000 pulses which is equivalent to 72000 crunches to strengthen and tone your inner core muscles and most major muscle groups.

How does it burn fat?

It uses electromagnets to stimulate and tone your muscle  the non-invasive treatment builds the muscle by burning fat. 

Benefits of the TESLAFormer

Medical grade, non-surgical device that stimulates strong muscle contractions to sculpt your body.

  • Improve your core muscles and your posture
  • Tones and sculpts the body
  • Grow muscle mass
  • Lifts your butt
  • Increase muscle definition in abdominal and arms
  • Pelvic floor
  • And most major muscles
Does it hurt? Do I need to prepare for the treatment?

The sensation is new to most patients, contracting muscles at a fast and effective rate without causing discomfort. No management is involved in the treatment., The therapy is totally painless with no downtime.